Distressed Gray Bedroom Chest

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Hello good friends! Goodness have we have been extremely busy lately.  We have been working on launching our sales and service website www.cozyandworn.com and getting a lot of our distressed furniture pieces out on the showroom floor for sale.   Lots of work but lots of fun! Not to mention just enjoying the great fall weather and activities with the kids.  They have enjoyed this year, maybe more than any previous year, and I have to say so have we.  We have already held a haunted trail at our house, enjoyed the annual Newsom Halloween party at Chris’ mom and dad’s, went to...

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Another Repurposed Chest – This Time Into A Bookcase!

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Angie and I got our hands on this old chest of drawers that was actually just a chest in that there were NO DRAWERS when we got it. It was pretty clear that this piece of furniture’s days as a chest of drawers were over and it had few options for life beyond it’s initial purpose. Well, of course you all know that we love a good challenge so we talked about whether or not this piece had any repurposing potential and, being major lovers of reading and books, the idea that this would make a wonderful bookcase came to our minds. The chest is really beautiful and made of all solid...

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Red Dresser

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In this tutorial we are going to show you how we distressed a tall dresser we had in our house with chalk paint and vaseline.  The dresser is about 55 years old, had some deep gouges in the side but was in still pretty good shape. We had an idea that this would make a good distressed furniture piece. We decided to go with a barn-type red that we already had around the house that would work well in the room we were going to use it in.   I apologize that I can’t tell you the exact color on this one.  We had it a while and just aren’t sure of the exact color. Anyway here we go! WHAT...

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