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How To Build A Brick Book Shelf

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We shared recently some pictures of our two new brick book shelves that we built in one afternoon for less than $40.00.  We told you we would be sharing a tutorial on how to build a brick book shelf for your own home so here it is. Yes, most people could probably look at the shelf and see how to make your own, but we do tutorials here as you know, so we wanted to put together this quick tutorial to show you how we built these beautiful brick book shelves. Now, there are of course a million ways you can do this project.  You can use many different types of bricks, material for shelves, stain...

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Handmade Brick Bookcase

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Just wanted to share this little brick bookcase that we put together one afternoon last week while looking for a solution to our ever-growing book collection. We have been needing some more book space, and after seeing this post on Pinterest we decided this was it.  We did it a little different than in the link but the inspiration was well absorbed.   We actually made two of them.  Total cost $40.00.  If you can get the bricks free then you can get out for much less. There’s perhaps not enough to it to do a tutorial, but we are going to put a short one together anyway to show you how...

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Old Distressed Ladder

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Just wanted to share a few shots of this old ladder we distressed and antiqued for a friend recently.   Our friend cut off half of the ladder and got us to put this really nice distressed finish on it.  We used white and beige with some dry brushed hints of dark gray for contrast, then antiqued the finish. He gave it to his wife for their anniversary this year to use to hang towels or quilts.  A beautiful distressed ladder.   The possibilities of using this to accent your home are nearly endless.   You might also like this website on DIY and...

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Another Repurposed Chest – This Time Into A Bookcase!

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Angie and I got our hands on this old chest of drawers that was actually just a chest in that there were NO DRAWERS when we got it. It was pretty clear that this piece of furniture’s days as a chest of drawers were over and it had few options for life beyond it’s initial purpose. Well, of course you all know that we love a good challenge so we talked about whether or not this piece had any repurposing potential and, being major lovers of reading and books, the idea that this would make a wonderful bookcase came to our minds. The chest is really beautiful and made of all solid...

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Distressed Coffee Table

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In this tutorial we are going to show you what we did with a small coffee table using the candle wax and chalk paint method. The table is a very lightweight piece but has some nice design work and we thought it would make a good distressed furniture piece.  It was originally finished in a dark mahogany stain.   WHAT YOU WILL NEED:                Chalk Paint – You can buy the Annie Sloan brand or you can make your own with our VERY simple recipe here:  How To Make Chalk Paint Regular Latex paint for the undercoat that will show after distressing the piece Paint Brushes Steel Wool Pads...

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Living Room End Table

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    In this tutorial we are going to show you how we distressed a very simple living room end table. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Chalk Paint – You can buy this from Annie Sloan or you can make your own with our VERY simple recipe here:  How To Make Chalk Paint Paint Brushes Steel Wool Pads and/or medium grade sandpaper Finishing Wax – On this piece we used MinWax Paste Finishing Wax but you can also use Annie Sloan’s waxes made especially for chalk paint or you can finish it with a fast drying polyurethane. Rags Vaseline or Candle Wax (on this one we used neither but it...

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