How To Build A Brick Book Shelf

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We shared recently some pictures of our two new brick book shelves that we built in one afternoon for less than $40.00.  We told you we would be sharing a tutorial on how to build a brick book shelf for your own home so here it is. Yes, most people could probably look at the shelf and see how to make your own, but we do tutorials here as you know, so we wanted to put together this quick tutorial to show you how we built these beautiful brick book shelves. Now, there are of course a million ways you can do this project.  You can use many different types of bricks, material for shelves, stain...

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Handmade Brick Bookcase

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Just wanted to share this little brick bookcase that we put together one afternoon last week while looking for a solution to our ever-growing book collection. We have been needing some more book space, and after seeing this post on Pinterest we decided this was it.  We did it a little different than in the link but the inspiration was well absorbed.   We actually made two of them.  Total cost $40.00.  If you can get the bricks free then you can get out for much less. There’s perhaps not enough to it to do a tutorial, but we are going to put a short one together anyway to show you how...

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Very Old Teacher’s Desk

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This piece is one that we did lately specifically to put up for sale on our sister site and at our booth at Granddaddy’s Antiques.  See the Cozy & Worn site for more details on purchasing if interested This is a very old teacher’s desk.  I’m not an expert on these but it appears to be likely from the 1920’s-1930’s.  If anyone has some thoughts on whether that’s right or not leave a comment below.  We’d be interested to find out. Additionally it is a VERY heavy solid, solid piece.  We nearly threw out our backs moving this...

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