Oval Bedroom Mirror

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Well, Angie and I have just started working on a little distressed furniture project in our bedroom.  We’re taking our time and just doing one piece here and there as time permits.

The walls of the room are a rich cranberry red so after looking through a bunch of colors we decided on (what I call) a Confederate gray.

These were all done using the dry brush method.  Click here to see our tutorial on how we do this:  Dry Brush Method Tutorial

Angie has already completed the first three pieces and we’re going to be sharing them in 3 posts now and in subsequent posts as we complete them.

Thanks for coming by.  Be sure to leave a comment and Share and PIN any pictures you like!

oval mirror


oval mirror


Here is the vanity and mirror together


bedroom vanity


…And The Before And Afters!


Mirror Before and After

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  1. having retired in the last 12 months I have taken up upholstery and so badly damaged my tendons have abandoned that!!! I have allways loved wood and interested in distressing a 1960’s coffee table i bought at a boot sale. loved the article on the chalk paint. The coffee table I have bought had tiles on which I have removed and have done a collage of all my wonderful family and friends from years gone by (and will but reinforced glass in it) and am getting down to the nitty gritty now. I have bought some moulding powder which I am told is the same as plaster of paris and I would like to know what LATEX PAINT IS. The man in the shop said it was just water based paint like emulsion but wanted to make sure before I start my project – I am the sort of person who when painting paints everythin that doesn’t move….regards anne

    • Hi Anne. Congrats on your retirement. I’m not sure if they have a different type of latex paint in the UK or if it is just called something else, but it’s basically a water-based paint with synthetic polymers that have characteristics similar to natural latex.
      We love it. It cleans up with water and comes off of non-porous surfaces very easy if you spill some.
      Here is a link to an article about latex paint that will explain more. Latex Paint

      Thanks for joining us Anne!


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