I was recently doing some thinking about some new ideas for painting, DIY projects, home decor and of course – Chalk Paint ideas.   You know I really am amazed every time I try chalk paint on a new surface or item, and discover that it will practically stick to anything!

Sometimes though, we need a little inspiration so I thought I would do a little bit o’ brainstorming and come up with an awesome list of chalk paint ideas.

I have certainly worked on some projects using many of these chalk paint ideas, but others are  a little outside of the box but perfectly within the realm of the capabilities of chalk paint.

So I have put together this REALLY crazy list of 28 awesome chalk paint ideas.

I know many of you will scoff at some of these ideas and that is fine.  Not everyone would want to put chalk paint on some of these items, but that’s not the point.  The point is I am trying to inspire you to think a little outside of the box.  By doing so you may just find a new purpose for that old something-or-other out in your barn.

Enjoy, get thinking, start painting and also add your own crazy ideas to this post by leaving a comment below.

28 Awesome Chalk Paint Ideas

  1. Furniture (you already know this but pretty much any piece of furniture will work)
  2. Tea Kettles
  3. Mirrors (frame or on the glass)
  4. Pots
  5. Walls
  6. Refrigerators (try putting on about 3 coats and use it as a chalk board!)
  7. Candle Holders
  8. Window Frames
  9. Window Panes
  10. Wagon Wheels
  11. Doors
  12. Lamps
  13. Wood Paneling
  14. Homemade Signs (click here to see this)
  15. Vases
  16. Dog Houses
  17. Flower Pots
  18. Cabinets
  19. Decorative Ladders
  20. Wood Pallets
  21. Whiskey Barrels

  22. Milk Crates and Jugs
  23. Pumpkins For Halloween/Fall
  24. Barnchalk paint ideas - barn
  25. Clock
  26. Hat & Coat Racks
  27. Mantles
  28. Section off an area of wall in your child’s room, add 3 coats of chalk paint and let them use it as a chalkboard!


I hope you enjoyed this little post, and that it got your mind turning with all kinds of cool chalk paint ideas.

Make sure you share your ideas and leave a comment!