Spring Is On The Way

Hi Friends,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve been in touch with you, and we didn’t want you to think we have forgotten about you.  Angie and I have been very busy on several distressed furniture projects for clients, and a couple family members.
7 Yard Sale TIps

Today it was in the 70’s here in North Carolina and the beautiful smells and heavenly sights of Spring are all around us.  So we’ve naturally been thinking about all the things we want to do with all of this wonderful weather that is headed our way.

It’s Almost Yard Sale Season

One of the most exciting things that we love to do together this time of year is go to yard sales, garage sales and estate auctions.  The season for all of these great opportunities to score some great new items for the house will be in full swing, and we plan on taking full advantage of these.

It’s not just about housewares, furniture and great deals though.  To get out early on a Saturday morning in the Spring with a hot cup of coffee, a pocket full of small paper bills, and start hunting for bargains is such a great experience.  Yes, it may not be for everybody, but we love it and there are very few ways to find such amazing deals.

So here are a few tips to getting out there and having a great time.

  • Go Early – Not just early in the morning (although that is an absolute must), but go early in the season.  Some folks have multiple yard sales throughout the year and you can be the first to get to the good stuff!
  • Bargain – Yard sales are about bargaining.  Never pay the ticket price.  It’s half the fun anyway and the people expect it.
  • Ask About Other Items – If you like the style of furniture that you see, but don’t see the right piece, don’t be afraid to ask the people if they have anything else they want to sell.  You may get hold of something no one else will!
  • Go On Friday – This tactic can either blow up on you or work out great.  Go around neighborhoods on Friday afternoons and look for yard sale people that are setting up tables and putting out merchandise.  Ask politely if you can look around.  Some people will tell you know but a lot will say yes.  Remember they want to get rid of this stuff so they are more than happy to take your money in most cases.
  • Go To Upscale Neighborhoods – Look for sales in upscale neighborhoods.  A lot of times you can find really nice pieces for a great deal.  A lot of times it’s not about the money for them, but moving out the junk so ask for a good deal and you’ll probably get it.
  • Church Yardsales – These can be excellent sources of great items.  They typically get a bunch of families in the church to set up booths or tables in the parking lot.  You can go to 50 different yard sales at once when you find these.
  • Take Cash – I know this is kind of obvious but just don’t forget to go to the bank on Friday and don’t take all $20’s.  A good mix of $1’s, $5’s and $10’s does the trick.  You don’t want the seller to be rethinking the bargain he just gave you while he searches for change!

Those are some good tips to get you started.  The main thing is to get out there.  Spring is a simply wonderful time to be out looking for bargains and these types of sales will be everywhere soon.

Thanks so much!  We love having each and every one of you around.