Well, here is the last piece that we have so far.  Much more to come!  If you missed the previous two posts on the gray bedroom furniture here is what we’re doing:

Angie and I have just started working on a little distressed furniture project in our bedroom.  We’re taking our time and just doing one piece here and there as time permits.

The walls of the room are a rich cranberry red so after looking through a bunch of colors we decided on (what I call) a Confederate gray.

These were all done using the dry brush method.  Click here to see our tutorial on how we do this:  Dry Brush Method Tutorial

Angie has already completed the first three pieces and we’re going to be sharing them in 3 posts now and in subsequent posts as we complete them.

Thanks for coming by.  Be sure to leave a comment and Share and PIN any pictures you like!


night stand before

night stand


night stand before and after