Spruce Up A Dull Basket

Spruce Up A Dull Basket

Not that this little basket we picked up for $1.99 on our $5 bill Goodwill adventure was ugly or anything.   It was just plain, and too much like a million others.  But hey, for $1.99 we knew we could make it fit right in with our living room decor

There’s really no need for a tutorial on this because all we did was hit it with a little paint.

We used an olive green chalk paint and dry brushed the top in a butter cream yellow.

Just use your imagination and make the colors work with your decor, and there’s no limit to how you can spruce up a dull item laying around your house.


A Touch Of Green Paint


Some Light Dry Brushing (Butter Cream Yellow)


Add A Few Pinecones From The Yard!

green basket


What Is My Decorating Style?  Let’s Find Out

What Is My Decorating Style? Let’s Find Out

Distressed furniture has become a huge decorating style in recent years.  Interior designers, celebrities, do-it-yourselfers, you name it.  Everyone seems to be decorating their homes in this beautiful and elegant style, and it is not without good reason.

The ease with which anyone can make their own distressed furniture offers everyone from the antiques connoisseur to the frugal stay-at-home mom, the opportunity to fill their homes with the same type of furniture you would find in well-designed interiors from elegant country cottages to antebellum mansions.

As you know, our entire website is dedicated to helping people learn how to distress furniture themselves.  We have decorated much of our home furniture using the same distressing techniques and chalk paint recipe that you see on our site.

However, if you do much looking around the Internet, especially on Pinterest, you will see that distressed furniture can mean anything from shabby chic to utter destruction!  The type of style that we do our own pieces in may be far different from what you would want or need in your home, or even a far cry from what you think is beautiful.antique chair 1

I think this is a good thing.   It allows a very unique decorating style to become an art form in the hands of the painter.   We stress this in our tutorials, but there is no right or wrong in this area; there is only your decorating style personality, your decorating needs and your imagination.

With those three things  you have the power of Rembrandt to create a masterpiece for your home, and the fact that your piece may look different than the one you saw online only means that you now have a one-of-a-kind item that nobody else does – and you made it!

With that being said, if you are one who wonders “Hey, what is my decorating style?” or feels overwhelmed with all of the different styles of distressed furniture you see online we want to help you sift through the noise and find a style that fits your personality and your needs.

Here are some tips to help you get started thinking.

There are many different home decor styles out there.  This post is not about all of them, but specifically about what types of distressed furniture styles may fit your personality and needs.

What Is Your Decorating Style Personality?

Not just how you think, act and feel on a personal level, but in regards to furniture and decor.  What kind of furniture makes you go crazy when you see it?  What kind of furniture makes your breath stop, and your heart start singing “I Gotta Have This”?

Do you frequent antique shops?  Is it the old, worn antique, filled with decades of obvious wear that brings you to life?

How about a piece that is so beaten and worn out it looks as if it is about to disintegrate before your eyes?

Or do you love the soft simplicity of the Shabby Chic look?

Start paying attention while you look at pieces in person or online, and let your eyes and your heart tell you when you’ve found something special.  You can only find it inside.  If you only buy or decorate with what is hot, what is new, or what is in, I think you will be missing out on what really moves you.  Your true decorating personality is not likely to change just because some celebrity is decorating in a certain style this week.

What Are Your Decorating Needs?

Remember, to be practical.  You do not need or have room for every piece that you see and love.  It is always wise to strike a balance between your needs and your wants.  What good is it to have that gorgeous, rare and central piece of furniture in the room if it’s crammed in there with a thousand other unnecessary and distracting items.

Look for ways to turn dull pieces that you already own into works of art.  Do you own distressing and at the level that fits your style and your needs for that room.  Even just a coat of chalk paint with no distressing can do wonders for a dull room.

Keep it simple and be honest with yourself.  You do not need every piece.  Just the best ones!


When you are creating distressed furniture there is no better way to express yourself than by being creative and letting your imagination, as well as the piece itself, determine the outcome.   Don’t box yourself into a certain way of doing things just because everyone else is doing it that way.

Distressed furniture is art in its own way.  Don’t worry about trying something new.  Something new is something unique and that is always a good thing.

Lurking around your house, or possibly in the local thrift shop lies a piece of furniture that is screaming out to be turned into a new and amazing piece of art.  Go get it and get started.

Just make it your own.



28 Awesome Chalk Paint Ideas

28 Awesome Chalk Paint Ideas

I was recently doing some thinking about some new ideas for painting, DIY projects, home decor and of course – Chalk Paint ideas.   You know I really am amazed every time I try chalk paint on a new surface or item, and discover that it will practically stick to anything!

Sometimes though, we need a little inspiration so I thought I would do a little bit o’ brainstorming and come up with an awesome list of chalk paint ideas.

I have certainly worked on some projects using many of these chalk paint ideas, but others are  a little outside of the box but perfectly within the realm of the capabilities of chalk paint.

So I have put together this REALLY crazy list of 28 awesome chalk paint ideas.

I know many of you will scoff at some of these ideas and that is fine.  Not everyone would want to put chalk paint on some of these items, but that’s not the point.  The point is I am trying to inspire you to think a little outside of the box.  By doing so you may just find a new purpose for that old something-or-other out in your barn.

Enjoy, get thinking, start painting and also add your own crazy ideas to this post by leaving a comment below.

28 Awesome Chalk Paint Ideas

  1. Furniture (you already know this but pretty much any piece of furniture will work)
  2. Tea Kettles
  3. Mirrors (frame or on the glass)
  4. Pots
  5. Walls
  6. Refrigerators (try putting on about 3 coats and use it as a chalk board!)
  7. Candle Holders
  8. Window Frames
  9. Window Panes
  10. Wagon Wheels
  11. Doors
  12. Lamps
  13. Wood Paneling
  14. Homemade Signs (click here to see this)
  15. Vases
  16. Dog Houses
  17. Flower Pots
  18. Cabinets
  19. Decorative Ladders
  20. Wood Pallets
  21. Whiskey Barrels

  22. Milk Crates and Jugs
  23. Pumpkins For Halloween/Fall
  24. Barnchalk paint ideas - barn
  25. Clock
  26. Hat & Coat Racks
  27. Mantles
  28. Section off an area of wall in your child’s room, add 3 coats of chalk paint and let them use it as a chalkboard!


I hope you enjoyed this little post, and that it got your mind turning with all kinds of cool chalk paint ideas.

Make sure you share your ideas and leave a comment!

How To Make Custom Distressed Wooden Signs

How To Make Custom Distressed Wooden Signs

If you saw our last post you saw that we have been busy at work making some really cool distressed wooden signs for Christmas.

We have really had a blast creating these little signs.  They are easy to make and they can say anything you want them to say.  The only limits are your imagination!

So, now we come to the fun part, where we show you exactly how we make these signs so that you can do it yourself.  There are a lot of different ways you can do it and we certainly encourage you to experiment and find new and better ways to do it for yourself.  This tutorial just shows the method that we use and have found to work the best for us.

So, let’s get to it.

Here’s what you will need

  • Paint – 2 or more colors (we recommend using Chalk Paint – the official kind or the do it yourself kind that you can make cheap using our free recipe HERE
  • Paintbrushes – 1 large standard brush and 1 small lettering brush
  • Wood Slab: We used a simple pine 1×6 board from Lowes cut into 2 ft sections but you can use anything that will fit what you want your sign to look like
  • Writing Pen
  • Word Processing software, printer and paper:  We used Microsoft Word but any word processing program will work.
  • Sandpaper, Steel Wool, or Sanding Block:  You don’t need all 3.  Any of these will work
  • Furniture Wax And Cloths – We used Minwax clear furniture paste or you can use our dark wax recipe or other similar furniture wax

distressed wood signs


1) Prep And Paint The Wood

I like to do a little sanding to the edges of the board to make them rounded and smooth and not so shard and jagged.  I think this really makes the sign look better but it’s up to you.

Next paint the board.  On this one we are doing a red bottom color that we’re going to distress down to so we start by painting the board red

distressed wood signs


2) Vaseline

distressed wood signs vaseline

After the bottom coat has dried take some vaseline and smear it on the places that you want to show under top coat color (that we will paint on a little later).  The vaseline makes the top coat of color come off super easy later on so be careful where you put it. (If you want more info this method is detailed in full in our tutorial “Chalk Paint and Vaseline Method”

Add it wherever you want the sign to show wear but we recommend focusing on the edges and sides.  Then add some in other places, but don’t add really big smear marks on the front and sides as it can sometimes come out looking unnatural.

*NOTE: You can skip this part or you can use candle wax instead of vaseline.   Both of these substances make distressing much easier but you can choose not to use them and just freehand distress with the sandpaper later on if you wish.

3) Top Coat Of Paint

distressed wood signs

Now add your top coat of paint and let it dry.


4) Lettering

distressed wood signs

Ah!  Here is the tricky part you may be saying, and while it is the most tricky part of the process it is MUCH EASIER than you think!

Now, how you choose to do this is up to you.  We are not professional artists so this method is likely going to be for those of us who have a shakier hand than those with more skill.

If you have artistic ability and can paint the letters by hand please do so.   You can also choose to use stencils for your lettering.  That is fine and a little less time consuming than the method we are going to show you, but with this method you have access to nearly limitless font type and size possibilities so we really like doing it this way.

What you will need is a word processing program like Word or similar.  Just make your page orientation set to “landscape”, type your letters and then adjust the font size so that it takes up about 2/3 of the page (if you are using a 6 inch board like us).  Of course you can adjust this to fit your sign or you taste.  Remember the page will typically be 11 inches long so remember that when you are adjusting your letters.

After you get them the way you like you can go ahead and print the letters.  You may not get it exact the first time, but we have only had to reprint one time.

distressed wood signs

Next, line up the pages so your letters are where you want them to be on the sign.  Then tape the pages to the board.  We used standard painters masking tape, but anything will work okay.

Make sure the paper is flat and tight against the board with no bulges

Now take your ballpoint pen and trace the letters (with considerable pressure but it doesn’t take much)

distressed wood signs

When you are done, remove the paper and you should be able to see the indention of the letters in the wood.  Sometimes it depends on the paint color, wood and lighting to see it good but if you put enough pressure when writing you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Here is a picture of our letters after the tracing

distressed wood signs

Now you are ready to paint the letters with your small lettering brush.  It doesn’t have to be a specific type of brush just something small enough to go around the letters.

Now, again unless you are an artist this may look a little shaky at first and you may have trouble staying in the lines, but don’t worry.  When you distress the letters that shaky, imperfect lettering is really going to look authentic so hang in there and do your best.

Remember old signs were hand painted and not always by great artists so that’s the look we want anyways.

distressed wood signs

distressed wood signs


5) Distressing

Now. take your sandpaper, steel wool or whatever you have and begin scuffing the sign.  If you used vaseline or candle wax it will come off pretty easily.  Just start sanding and work at it until the piece is how you want it.

distressed wood signs


6) Waxing/Finish

When you are finished distressing you can apply a finish.  We used Minwax furniture wax on this one, but on some of our other pieces we used our secret dark furniture wax recipe.  You can get the recipe FREE HERE

distressed furniture wax



See, that wasn’t so bad.  Just add any type of hanging hardware to the back and you will be enjoying your new sign in no time.

distressed furniture wax


Thanks for coming by to see our latest tutorial.  We hope you enjoyed it.  Please come back often.

Angie & Chris

Learn how to antique furniture with antique glaze or wood stain with our free tutorial

Custom Distressed Wooden Signs For Christmas

Custom Distressed Wooden Signs For Christmas

We have just recently begun working on some really cool hand-painted distressed signs for Christmas.

We have these for sale at our booth at Granddaddy’s Antiques and soon online at www.cozyandworn.com but if you are interested we’re selling them for $16.99 each to our blog readers and visitors.

We have some really interesting and unique slogans that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Plus if you’re interested, we can make you a custom sign in just about any colors you wish and almost any slogan you want to see for $19.99 plus shipping.

If you don’t want to buy them from us don’t worry!  We’re planning a tutorial showing  exactly how to do them yourself.  Stay tuned for that.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested and let us know if you like these signs.

Distressed Wooden Christmas Signs

Hannah’s Halloween Monster Grahams!

Hannah’s Halloween Monster Grahams!

his month’s feature in Hannah’s Corner features a VERY simple and tasty treat that is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party, or just to make for the kids before sitting down to watch your favorite Halloween movie.

The pictures really tell the tale and they are super easy to make.   Hope you enjoy them!


Here’s What You Need

  • Graham Crackers
  • Candy Corn
  • Little Marshmallows
  • Frosting (choose your flavor)


First break the graham crackers in half and spread frosting over each piece


Lay pieces of candy corn across the top of the cracker.  They should stick in the frosting. 

Hannah's Monster Grahams


Add two marshmallows for eyes

Hannah's Monster Grahams


Break small pieces of candy corn off

Hannah's Monster Grahams


Dip the small pieces into the frosting and stick them on the marshmallows to use as eyeballs

Hannah's Monster Grahams


Hannah's Monster Grahams


Now stick candy corn around the bottom to form a mouth


Do the same thing and make a nose!

There you have it!  I was going to say easy as pie but it’s WAY easier than pie :)


Now, get creative and make all kinds of different faces, eyes, noses, horns and make a whole batch. 

The kids will love it!

Thanks for stopping by