Progress Update: Our Book is Almost Finished

It’s been a little while since we have added any new content to the site or been in touch with our close band of subscribers via email and for that we apologize.  Those that have been around awhile probably already know that Chris and I began our first book on distressing furniture earlier this year.  It has been a huge project but we think the result will be well worth the effort.

Distressed Furniture Ebook

We actually have a deadline to complete the writing and initial formatting by the end of this month, and we are working furiously to get it all done.  With that said it is our hope to have the book ready for purchase by the end of July.  Not sure if we can pull it off but we will try.

We are very excited and think that all of your DIY furniture distressers out there are going to love what we have put together.

I know it is nice to have this website to come to and check out your favorite tutorials and paint recipes, but we are excited to provide a higher level of information and resource in the form of this book.

The book is going to be full of every technique and process that we have ever used to antique and distress furniture, easy to follow steps and high-quality color photos.  Our book will give you the ability to have immediate electronic access to all of our tutorials and recipes (plus several tips and techniques that we have never shared before!) and a lot of other great information as well.

Anyway,  just wanted to provide an update.  We are excited about this project and we hope you will be as well.  Leave a comment if you have any questions.

More information to come so stay tuned.   Thanks for being a part of this adventure!  We are happy to know each one of you.

Handmade Brick Bookcase

Handmade Brick Bookcase

Just wanted to share this little brick bookcase that we put together one afternoon last week while looking for a solution to our ever-growing book collection.

We have been needing some more book space, and after seeing this post on Pinterest we decided this was it.  We did it a little different than in the link but the inspiration was well absorbed.   We actually made two of them.  Total cost $40.00.  If you can get the bricks free then you can get out for much less.

There’s perhaps not enough to it to do a tutorial, but we are going to put a short one together anyway to show you how we did ours in case you are interested.

Be looking for that soon.  In the meantime here is one of our beautiful bookcases.  These things add so much life to a room.  If you are looking for a cheap and easy, but rustically elegant book solution,  you may want to make one of these.  We love them!


Handmade Brick Bookcase 1


Hannah’s Corner – December 2012

Hi there!  Welcome to another edition of Hannah’s Corner for the How To Distress Furniture monthly newsletter.

I have two really cool items to share this month for the Christmas season.

First, if good St. Nick is coming to your house this year you better make sure you’ve got something for the reindeer to eat.

Here is my own recipe for Reindeer Treats.  They really will love them!


Reindeer Treats 

        Things You Will Need:

  • Ziploc Baggie
  • Oatmeal ( Any flavor)
  • Glitter ( Optional)
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon Powder  or Peppermints


  • Put oatmeal in the baggie
  • Sprinkle the cinnamon powder or the crushed peppermints onto the oatmeal
  • Sprinkle the glitter onto that
  • Close the baggie and then shake the ingredients together
  • On Christmas Eve night sprinkle this on your lawn or roof and see if it is gone the next morning…



Now I want to show you how easy it is to write a letter to Santa

What You Will Need

  • A Stamp
  • A Blank Envelope
  • Pen
  • Paper


First write your letter to Santa with the pen and paper. You can also draw him a picture if you like. He really likes those.

Second get the letter and put it in the envelope and seal it

Next put the stamp on it and address the front to:



Now, put it in the mail and wait for your reply from Santa!

That’s it for another edition of Hannah’s Corner. We hope you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas