Just wanted to share this little brick bookcase that we put together one afternoon last week while looking for a solution to our ever-growing book collection.

We have been needing some more book space, and after seeing this post on Pinterest we decided this was it.  We did it a little different than in the link but the inspiration was well absorbed.   We actually made two of them.  Total cost $40.00.  If you can get the bricks free then you can get out for much less.

There’s perhaps not enough to it to do a tutorial, but we are going to put a short one together anyway to show you how we did ours in case you are interested.

Be looking for that soon.  In the meantime here is one of our beautiful bookcases.  These things add so much life to a room.  If you are looking for a cheap and easy, but rustically elegant book solution,  you may want to make one of these.  We love them!


Handmade Brick Bookcase 1