Hi there!  Welcome to another edition of Hannah’s Corner for the How To Distress Furniture monthly newsletter.

I have two really cool items to share this month for the Christmas season.

First, if good St. Nick is coming to your house this year you better make sure you’ve got something for the reindeer to eat.

Here is my own recipe for Reindeer Treats.  They really will love them!


Reindeer Treats 

        Things You Will Need:

  • Ziploc Baggie
  • Oatmeal ( Any flavor)
  • Glitter ( Optional)
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon Powder  or Peppermints


  • Put oatmeal in the baggie
  • Sprinkle the cinnamon powder or the crushed peppermints onto the oatmeal
  • Sprinkle the glitter onto that
  • Close the baggie and then shake the ingredients together
  • On Christmas Eve night sprinkle this on your lawn or roof and see if it is gone the next morning…



Now I want to show you how easy it is to write a letter to Santa

What You Will Need

  • A Stamp
  • A Blank Envelope
  • Pen
  • Paper


First write your letter to Santa with the pen and paper. You can also draw him a picture if you like. He really likes those.

Second get the letter and put it in the envelope and seal it

Next put the stamp on it and address the front to:



Now, put it in the mail and wait for your reply from Santa!

That’s it for another edition of Hannah’s Corner. We hope you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas