The Heart of Your Home

It is said that home is where your heart is.  I believe that is true, and by the same token the living room in the heart of your house.  Not the true heart of the home of course.  The living room is simply made up of wood, plaster, fabric and brick.  The real heart of your home is the people who share in the making of the home each and every day.  But within the house there is no room more alive, comfortable, and where we connect more with friends and family than the living room or family room.

This is the room where guests are typically invited to sit and relax.  It is the usually the first room anyone will see.  It is where the children play in the floor and where the family comes together to communicate and relax together for a movie, a book or just some good old fashioned conversation.

If you want to invigorate your home, and make it really speak to what is important to you, and the things you love then turn your attention to thinking over the current situation, and the limitless possibilities of the living room.

Does your current furniture, or even the way it is situated tell everyone who comes into your home about what you think and feel about your home and your family?  It should, because every person who walks into your home can infer many things about you based on what your living room decor and furnishings tell them.

There are a couple of things you can do that will help you remake your living room into the heart of the house as it should be.  First, take a look at your current set up.  Does it tell a story of what is important to you and your family?  Is it comfortable?  Is it visually pleasing?

Ask yourself these questions as you step back and look at your current living room.  If the answers are no, then it’s time to get to work.  Here are a few tips that you can utilize to help you revitalize your living room.

1) Move The Furniture Around – Has it been a while since your moved the furniture around?  If so, just reposition some things.  This will inject new life into the room immediately.

2) Set up the Room for Comfort – Do you feel comfortable relaxing in the living room?  If not, take steps to ensure that your guests and family are comfortable relaxing with you in the living room.  Add more pillows, an ottoman.  Just make it a comfortable place.  A living room can and should be both comfortable and beautiful

3) Buy New Furniture – If you have the budget you can always redecorate your living room with new furniture.  This is a guaranteed (but more expensive) way to inject new life into the living room.  If you need a good place to shop  try sellers of shabby chic furniture such as Layla Grace and The Bella Cottage.

4) Create Your Own – You are likely at this site because you are crafty and want to learn all about chalk paint anyways.  So browse our site  How To Distress for tutorials on how to turn your current furniture into new masterpieces all on your own.

Remember that your living room is the heart of your house and it needs to tell everyone who sees it something about you and your family.  Get creative and start rearranging your living room today to add some new life.