You know, the older I get the more I love the fall.

There are very few times in the year more splendid than the month of October.  I could give you a laundry list of reasons.  I won’t though.  There are too many.



campfireToday I was wandering around the yard watching our two year old Landan jump into a pile of leaves I had raked together for him.  The temperature was just about as close to perfect as you could ever wish to see, and I instinctively began thinking about all of the wonderful reasons that I love this time of year.

Watching two year olds jump into leaves is certainly one.  Remembering being a child and doing the same thing is another.

While I watched him frolic and laugh with all the vigor he could muster, I started thinking about other fall activities we could possibly enjoy together.

I immediately thought that a fire in the fire pit would be amazing.  On such a perfect day, the nighttime would promise to be even better, and I love the smell of a wood fire in the Autumn.  I thought also that the kids would probably love to roast some marshmallows so we set the plan in action.

Right about sunset our daughter Hannah, son Landan and myself set out on our journey.

But before we went to the fire (which I had started about an hour earlier) we had to light the jack-o-lanterns we had carved the night before.  Landan loves pumpkins more than just about anything on this earth, and getting to help light them just made his day.


We made our way down to the fire and my prediction about the weather was spot on.  The cool air came in and the fire comforted us with the right amount of warmth.

Now, it was time to roast the perfect marshmallow.

roasting marshmallowsHannah and I struggled one after the other trying to achieve an ample amount of roasting and melting without any

burning.  Most of the night we were too far one way or the other.   Landan doesn’t care for cooked “Meah O’hs” (as he calls them) but loves them right out of the bag.

To each his own.  We all had a blast.  Yet for some reason, no matter how hard we tried, the perfect marshmallow eluded us all night.

We pressed on but the night began to wane and before long it was time to make our way back into the house.

Before we left I soaked in the moment.  The crisp fall air, the crackling fire, bright jack-o-lanterns.  Two young kids smiling over a fresh-roasted slice of life.
It was one of those moments I will cherish forever.  A special time of year with special people.   The kind of moment you look back on and long to be able to touch just one more time.   And that’s okay.  That’s what makes it special.  We had today, and that is enough.

No, we never did manage to discover the secret to a perfect roasted marshmallow, but I think we just may have found the recipe for a perfect day.