Angie and I got our hands on this old chest of drawers that was actually just a chest in that there were NO DRAWERS when we got it.

It was pretty clear that this piece of furniture’s days as a chest of drawers were over and it had few options for life beyond it’s initial purpose.

Well, of course you all know that we love a good challenge so we talked about whether or not this piece had any repurposing potential and, being major lovers of reading and books, the idea that this would make a wonderful bookcase came to our minds.

The chest is really beautiful and made of all solid woods so we didn’t want to see it go to waste.

***THE I BLEW IT MOMENT:  I guess in ever project there is always some sort of moment where you blow it in some way or another.  On this one I (Chris that is!) forgot to take pictures of the chest before we started working on it.   I really hate that I did that because you won’t be able to appreciate what this thing looked like when we got it.  It had no back, no bottom and still had the drawer slides.  The before picture below is from during the restoration when I realized I had forgotten to take the pictures.

Better luck for me next time.  Let’s move on.

Anyway, we set to work on it.   We added a bottom, a back, removed the drawers slides, and added shelves and got a really wonderful bookcase when all was said and done.

Well, here is the final result and if you are interested this bookcase is for sale at our sales website

The bookcase is finished in a dark black/gray/purple tint called Last Black Rose from Color Place.  The interior and shelves are finished in a regal red from Glidden.  The case is moderately distressed and accented with white, gray and black highlights.

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Angie and Chris

distressed chest turned into bookcase

distressed chest turned into bookcase


distressed chest turned into bookcase

distressed chest turned into bookcase

distressed chest turned into bookcase

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