This piece is one that we did lately specifically to put up for sale on our sister site and at our booth at Granddaddy’s Antiques.  See the Cozy & Worn site for more details on purchasing if interested

This is a very old teacher’s desk.  I’m not an expert on these but it appears to be likely from the 1920’s-1930’s.  If anyone has some thoughts on whether that’s right or not leave a comment below.  We’d be interested to find out.

Additionally it is a VERY heavy solid, solid piece.  We nearly threw out our backs moving this thing.

We decided to paint and distress it in a dark forest green.  I believe it was from Color Place and called New England Green.

We also refinished the top in a gorgeous dark walnut and polyurethane.  It is really beautiful and glossy.

Here is the final result.  After lots of work we really think it turned out great!

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antique distressed teacher's desk

antique distressed teacher's desk